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When I breathed my first breath, I became simply devoted to air.

When I had my first encounter with the Presence of the Living God, I became simply devoted to Him.

His Presence has this impact on us because He is totally devoted to us. The Hebrew word is *hesed. God is love. He cannot not love us with whom He has covenanted. Then, when we truly encounter Him, we cannot not love Him. We come to recognize that He is as necessary to us as the very air we breathe.

The prayer of my heart is that something shared in this small collection will be a breath of the fresh air of His Presence to your heart. May we, the Bride of Christ, be continuously simply devoted to Him.


hesed: lovingkindness; steadfast love; grace; mercy; faithfulness; goodness; devotion; ... it applies primarily to God's particular love for His chosen and covenanted people. (Vine's Expository Dictionary)

Simply Devoted could rightly be called a women's devotional Ebook, but it can have appeal to men as well. Lana shares reflective moments from her personal experiences as a believer, and she is very honest about the potential for growth or stagnation in our closeness to the Lord. There are topics with direct scripture references, and others that illustrate the practical outworking of our relationship with Christ our Savior. Lana sometimes compares or contrasts well known song titles, phrases, or characters in modern society to scriptural truth available to Christians. There are just over 180 pages, so this could provide six months of daily devotional material. Once the reader selects a starting point with one of the topics, each page has links at the bottom to allow going back one page, going forward to the next page, or returning to this contents page. Mike Justice.

SECTION I - Real Rest

Introduction | Whispers: People need to be filled | Stand at the Crossroads | Seeking Jesus | Whispers: Don't believe the lies | Entering God's Rest | Whispers: I want you to play | At His Knee | Whispers: Ask yourself this question | Asleep on the Water | Seated With Jesus | Whispers: I am capable of being your Life | Rest - The Cure for Anxiety | The Garden Gates to God's Rest | Whispers: Don't try to figure out a plan | Whispers: Worship - when it is your occupation | You'll Love It at Levitz | Sabbath Resting & Some Thoughts on the Sabbath | The Sabbath is Today | I will wait on You forever | Marinate | Where Will My Resting Place Be?

SECTION II - Trusting

Introduction | Taking Delight | Whispers: First focus on My power | Whispers: Keep waiting and do so expectantly | Whispers: My answers are always more adventuresome | Whispers: Put your confidence in Me | You Don't Have to Think about Yourself - Psalm 139:17 | Whispers: Fix your eyes upon Jesus | Whispers: Have faith and believe I can | Reach Out--I'll Be There | Whispers: Your hand - leave it in Mine | Whispers: I will always listen to you | Our Sufficiency | Whispers: Do you imagine that you can see | Whispers: I am only answering your prayers | Whispers: You think My answers come all wrapped | Letting Go | Ordinary Days | Whispers: Trust Me to be loving with you | Keep Going | Whispers: Because for so many years you have | The Burr | Whispers: Welcome home - I've been waiting here | Boulder Believer | Whispers: Child, you have made your enemy mad | Whispers: Remember, I have all the time

SECTION III - Escape from Legalism

Introduction | Choose Your Fruit | Whispers: I don't bring guilt | Whispers: Remember what I taught you about | Whispers: I want you to learn to rely on the settled-ness | A Tale of Two Campuses | A Dilemma | Whispers: You think that if you dwell on the sin | The Barren | Whispers: You are making burdens for yourself | Whispers: Proud hearts are hard to make out | Expectations | Whispers: Believe Me that I will give you the want-to | A Letter about Love | Whispers: You will know when I have anointed you | Whispers: Footloose | No Condemnation | The Hard Master Lie | Whispers: It has to be good enough for you to just do My will | Getting to the Root | Whispers: I am smiling, child | Delight - The Antidote for Dread | Whispers: You should be doing what your in-love heart | Whispers: I designed you to be with Me

SECTION IV - Devotion

Introduction | Devote Yourself to Be Close to Me | Whispers: You are content with too little of Me | Not Logic ... Love | I Choose You - Joshua 24:15 | Whispers: Come and sit still with Me | Whispers: Abide. Dwell - Make your abode | Enough | Courtship | The Love Who is Jesus | Whispers: I draw you into the light | In the Still of the Night | The King and I | Whispers: Write this love letter from Me to you | A Real WellWith Water in It | Sleepless in Seattle | Beloved General | Memories and Longings | Unchained Melody | Under New Management | Pigeon Praise | Sentimental Journey | Whispers: I love you, My child | Wise Virgins | Whispers: Have you noticed that the most difficult | Untamed Faith

SECTION V - Dying to Live

Introduction | Titanic Thoughts | Whispers: Hold on - It's a battle | God's Exchange Policy | Coming to the End of Me | The Danger of Being Good | Company for My Mind | The Relay | The Transplant | The Abdication | The Case of the Rising Tree | I Will Wait for You | Wanting What I Don't Want | Threshing Floors and Temples | Behind the Pillar | A Heart of Gold

SECTION VI - Through His Eyes

Introduction | Whispers: Come, now is the time to worship | I Love You Just the Way You Are | Whispers: I have made all of My children uniquely special | Whispers: And now you are My favorite house | Whispers: Not only do I love to meet with you | Whispers: When you feel encouraged and edified | The River and the Dam | The Architect and the Wonderful Little House | Seeky, Leaky Heart | Whispers: I want My people to experience | Unless You Change and Become Like Little Children | Whispers: I am teaching you how not to judge others | Whispers: Everybody in My family is in the process | Whispers: Judging is being obsessed with the wrong done | Whispers: Authority is always based in relationship | Eyes of Love | Whispers: One soul is more precious to Me | Kingdom Children United | Whispers: People have trouble waiting on Me | Whispers: You are going to be wrong sometimes | Whispers: As a person dwells in Me he is close | Whispers: I am not worried about My churches | Fruit Fight | Rejoice with Those Who Rejoice; Mourn with Those Who Mourn | The Little Puppy and His House | Whispers: Child, you are okay - Take a deep breath | The Greater Love | Whispers: My people hurt from inflicted wounds | Whispers: There can be no foothold for your enemy | The House that Daddy Built | Whispers: Encouragement is one of the greatest needs | The Conversation | Whispers: So often My children try to give each other formulas

SECTION VII - Interference

Introduction | Whispers: Everybody, including your own mind, will want | Entertaining Thoughts | Whispers: Believe Me. Hear and make your own My promises | Doggone It! | Psalm 35 Paraphrase | Whispers: When you battle you are on the field | Whispers: You are a soldier | That Bad Kid | Whispers: You need to give yourself permission to learn | Whispers: You try to talk yourself out of your sinful feelings | Whispers: You can't fight your sin alone | Whispers: When you hear something I have said | The Draft | Evade Egypt | Robbers | The Promised Land #1: Paved Paradise | The Promised Land #2: Stronghold | Whispers: Don't care so much what others are saying | Rahab Sits Still, Jesus Rises, Dagon Falls: Isaiah 30 | The Faithful Bride of Christ | Crabgrass | Whispers: It is always My will and My plan to equip you | Whispers: Beware when you think you stand lest you fall | Whispers: Hold on to all the fought-for truths | Whispers: Now you are going to be misunderstood | Whispers: I knew praise as well as persecution | Whispers: I'm your Daddy, first and foremost | Whispers: Your love for Me will be the basis


Introduction | This Is a Test | God Blessed Me with the Blues | Lead Me Not | The Challenge of Blessings | A Lesson from Pooh and Piglet | Whispers: I like the term "workshop days

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