The Architect and The Wonderful Little House


The little house was just as the architect had planned and dreamed it would be. It had such character--so many facets that he had put in place in totally new and unique ways. His delight in his new design was unmistakable.

The damage done by those who had never looked at this house through his eyes saddened him, but in no way did it discourage him. As soon as he got the call he was there--organizing the clean-up and restoration, coordinating the crews and planning the new decor. His delight in this little house had never waned and now it even intensified because he, himself, was going to move in and make this his home.

The loose trash lying around was quickly thrown into the dumpster and hauled away. The next layer of accumulated dirt and grime took a little more effort, but it, too, soon became history. Now some of the structural damage became apparent. Dust and noise filled the house as crews removed and replaced beams and walls.

Soon one room was ready--the kitchen, the heart of the home. The change was astounding and the architect was delighted to see the room looking just as he had originally designed it to look so many years before. Sunlight streamed in glistening clean windows. Freshly painted walls were edged with beautiful woodwork. Polished floors invited the young at heart to run and slide. And the air was filled with a fresh clean fragrance.

The architect moved into this room so he could be closer to the continuing work on the rest of the house. He had plans for every nook and cranny and wanted to be there to be sure the work was done according to his design.

You can find him there now. He has promised to never move out. There is some grumbling about how long the renovations are taking but he doesn’t let that deter him. He designed the house and knows that things have to be done in a certain order and at a certain pace to achieve the soundness and beauty he has planned. He sees it all as a labor of love.