I'm your Daddy, first and foremost. You need to always come back to this truth first, for everything else hinges on it. Unless and until you feel loved and secure, you can't go back onto the battlefield. Every soldier needs "R & R" (rest and relaxation)…and the wounded need to be put in the M.A.S.H. unit. It isn't a disgrace to need rest and medical attention. It is pride to think you don't when we both know you do.

You have been in battle. Now I am calling you off the battlefield for awhile. That needs to be okay with you. You need to appreciate the time off and not listen to the lies that you aren't doing enough. I am not asking you to do more right now. The enemy has no right to give you orders. Don't listen to him. He will steal your joy and your peace. My grace is on you to rest. So rest.

By the way, the reason you are tired is because I have ordained this time for you to rest. Resting comes easier when you are tired. But if you continue to fight during this time, you will strain and hurt yourself and require time to rest that I didn't ordain. So obey Me, child, and rest now.