You'll Love It at Levitz*

Every time my chair goes back

Into a restful pose,

I bump that fretting demon's head

And pinch his pointy toes.

And every time I choose to yawn

And smile toward Jesus' way,

he gets so mad that you would think

All night had turned to day.

he's not at all so merry

Now that I'm onto his scam;

I must admit I get a kick

Out of messing his commands.

Since Jesus ushered me to this place

Of chair and pillow and bed;

Since He's taught me a thing or two

About this life I've led,

I've noticed leaning back on Him

Is the way to get things done;

Loving it at Levitz

Is how my battles now are won.

So if you ever notice me

Striking a fretful pose,

Usher me back here to my Chair,

To let loose on his toes.

*In case you don't recall, this was the jingle from a long-running Levitz Furniture Company commercial. When our former church, Grace Fellowship in Baltimore, renovated and moved into a restored Levitz Furniture Warehouse, I got into the habit of singing this little ditty--because we did love it at Levitz!

The chair I usually sit in to be quiet with God is one of those recliners you often see in furniture company ads. One morning as I was fretting about something, I sat down in my chair, pushed it into its reclining position, and the scenario of this poem came to my mind.