A few years ago an issue of my alma mater’s alumni magazine contained an article discussing Christianity and the New Age movement. The author concluded that Christians could be helped by New Age teachings. In response, I sent a version of the following:

The Faithful Bride of Christ

Let's say you are engaged to be married to the most wonderful man in the world. Your every waking moment is consumed with thoughts of your fiancé and when you sleep, there he is in your dreams. The love letters he has written to you are dog-eared from your unending quest to absorb his words into your heart. Once he gave you a picture album--a family heirloom--and some letters, written histories, genealogies and such, from not only his own youth but also from his grandparents and even their parents. You find it all fascinating in your quest to know more and more about this man you love.

Some of your friends are involved in relationships of their own. They sometimes bring out pictures of their boyfriends to show you. They even sometimes read bits and pieces of their love-letters to you. You listen politely but actually have trouble paying attention. Your mind just keeps wandering back to your own fiancé and you wish you were with him.

This is how the true church--the Bride of Christ--feels about her fiancé, Jesus. She is not endeavoring to understand a religion or movement or philosophy. She is in a relationship with her Beloved who loves her with an unfailing, everlasting, unconditional love. The very thought of being disloyal to this One by spending time, thought, and energy on any other is repugnant to her. No "one" else--Buddhism, Islam, New Age, Confucius, Zen, crystals, Tao, horoscopes, spirit guides, yoga, Tai Chi, Mother Earth, etc., etc.--holds any attraction for her.

If we as the Bride of Christ decide to devote "serious—and, yes, prayerful attention, investigation, and consideration" (quote from article) to the old ruse called New Age, we must do it fully aware of how a human fiancé would respond were we to start spending our time and energies on pursuing another lover; even if the lover posed as someone who could help us know our fiancé better. I'd prefer to get to know my fiancé better first-hand, thank you!

When Jesus was asked which commandment was the most important He responded, "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength" (Mark 12:29-30. Emphasis mine.). All those "all's" don't leave much of us left to pursue other loves, now do they?