Taking Delight

Psalm 149:4 (NIV)

For the Lord takes delight in His people.


All toddlers go through the stage of learning to relinquish an object into the hands of another. Usually the one on the receiving end expresses great delight to the child when she does this. Of course you know the next step--the little child toddles back over to retrieve the object within seconds. Does the adult get angry at that point, clutching the object and saying, "You naughty child, you just gave this to me and now you want it back?" No, he smilingly hands it over and she toddles away, not even knowing that she is demonstrating a profound spiritual truth.

Our heavenly Daddy knows we have to learn to relinquish our burdens to Him. He delights in every step of our progress in learning this. When we come to retrieve them from Him, He doesn't leave the room disgusted. He'll still be there delighting in our endeavors when we bring those same burdens back the next time. He knows it's a process we need to go through and He is patient and delighted at our every approach to Him. Especially the one when we empty our toy chests, pile everything we own into His lap, and then crawl up and nestle down there ourselves.