I have been told that the Western mind and the Hebrew mind have different thought processes. Our Western minds are cause-effect oriented; our thinking tends to be linear. The Hebrew mind, however, tends to think in pictures. Pictures allow for exploration, nuances, an over-all and above-all perspective. It is possible to start at any point and venture into a picture, gaining different insight from each approach. (You have probably heard of these two ways of thinking in terms of using the left or right hemisphere of the brain.) I wonder if a big reason we begin to understand Scripture as believers is that we are given the mind of Christ (I Corinthians 2:16) and His mind is a Hebrew mind. (The same mind, of course, that thought the Scriptures in the first place.) His is the mind of a poet, a composer, an artist, an author of great masterpieces. His teaching was and is of a different style than the teaching of the Greeks and Romans from which our intellectual heritage comes.

My experience has been that the Holy Spirit teaches me in this Hebrew way. He makes analogies for me, paints pictures for me, speaks poetically to me and sings songs to me. He whispers truths into my spirit. I see that He is still using the multitude of methods He used in the Scriptures—He has changed neither the content nor the methods. The word of God, then, is lifted from the printed page and repackaged in these stories, pictures, poems, songs and whispers. These are His containers through which He pours His truths into me for my todays.

These containers are what I am sharing with you here. I am placing the ones I’ve called Devotion in the center. Then I am "surrounding" those with the others, for each of the others has impacted my devotion to Christ and has been impacted by that devotion.

God has been teaching me how to be still by landscaping places of Real Rest and leading me down those paths.

He has been asking me to remember Who He is by painting a picture to show me how to "sit down and hold on" in His Trusting class.

He has been teaching me about grace by charting for me an Escape from Legalism plan.

He has been requiring me to face harsh truth by taking me to the Cross and teaching me about Dying to Live.

He has been teaching me reality by taking me behind the set and showing me myself and others Through His Eyes.

He has been pointing out to me obstacles to our relationship by being my coach and training me to detect Interference.

And He has been keeping me vigilant regarding what I’ve been learning by confronting me on occasion with pop quizzes and "midterm" exams in His Testing program.