The Greater Love

A deep sadness exists in my heart for those who settle for a lesser love than God’s love. Every one of us was created to dive into and thrive in His love. Any lesser love is a stagnate pond compared to the mighty sea of His love. Yet for as long as there has been man, people have settled for lesser loves and spent great energy convincing themselves and others that these choices are satisfying. They believe God would never ask them to give up what they see as love even though God tells us that we cannot fully experience His love when other loves vie for our affections. He is a jealous God because He wants our happiness above all else and He knows we’ll find it only in His love.

This is the issue when it comes to homosexuality. This is the issue when it comes to adultery and greed and pride and selfishness. God doesn’t say these are wrong for spite. He says they are wrong because, among other things, they keep people from experiencing His vast magnificent love.

One night between the shut down of the video we were watching and the shut down of the TV, I heard the moderator on Politically Incorrect pose this question to his guests: "Why is a happy marriage between two of the same sex worse than an unhappy marriage between two of the opposite sex?" I stayed awake thinking how I would have answered if I had been there. My answer came down to this:

If you are in love with the God of the Universe,

if you’ve experienced the difference between being empty without Him and

being full with Him,

if you have laughed with Him and cried with Him,

if you trust Him above everything and everyone you’ve ever known—

including yourself,

if you hold onto His clear moral values for dear life because you know the

pain and heartache from which they will protect you and those you love,

if you can’t stand the thought of anything coming between the two of you,

then you will long for the same for every person in the world who is settling

for anything else.

Why would anyone want to trade feeling loved by another person for feeling clubbed by a closed Bible? But why wouldn’t anyone want to trade lesser love for the Greatest Love of all? I believe we, the Church, have to make sure we have plenty of firsthand experience with God’s infinite love so those settling for less will see for themselves that there is a Greater Love to be experienced.