If I tried to acknowledge all of you who have been Godís instruments in my life, this page would become a book in itself! I trust that you know who you are and how precious you are to me.

There are two of you whose names have to make it into print, though, because you have had such a direct impact on this particular project.

I doubt if I would ever have thought to do this if not for you, Jill. And I know I would have never kept at it if not for you. UPS trucks would still be just brown boxes on wheels to me, not signs from God! Your encouragement is one of the multitude of ways the Holy Spirit is manifest in you. Thank you for being my friend.

If not for you, Tony, I would still be trying to figure out how to turn the computer on! Thank you for all your help and support--even for (...gulp...) the grammar lessons from a foreigner. Thank you for hanging with me while I learn Godís lessons. And thank you for being so laid back about meals! I love you, dear husband.