Sentimental Journey

Gonna take a sentimental journey;

Gonna set my heart at ease.

Gonna make a sentimental journey

To renew old memories.

Got my bag, I got my reservation;

Spent each dime I could afford.

Like a child in wild anticipation,

Long to hear that "All aboard!"

Seven. That's the time we leave,

At seven. I'll be waiting up for

Heaven. Counting every mile of

Railroad track that takes me back.

Never thought my heart could be so yearnin';

Why did I decide to roam?

Gonna take a sentimental journey,

Sentimental journey home.


I think my mother must have played the radio a lot--tuned to WTNS, no doubt--when I was a little girl, because I know a lot of songs that were "before my time." Iím glad for it, because there were some great tunes before my time. Sentimental Journey is one of them. After my daughter sang it with the Regional High School Chorus one year, I ended up with it on tape and began to enjoy it all over again. This time, though, I had spiritual ears to listen with and this is what I heard:

In this "sentimental journey" I am returning "home" to the way I felt about Jesus when I first began loving Him. I had left that place and my heart is uneasy so I need to go back to set it at ease again. As a matter of fact, in this song I have come to the juncture where I canít figure out why on earth I decided to wander off in the first place. I have some "baggage" to take back with me, with the goal of leaving it at the Cross. Jesus has, of course, made my reservation for me. Anything I spend--i.e. get rid of--is only what has served to keep me at a distance from Him. (This reminds me of the pearl of great price parable.) The wild anticipation and longing and yearning I feel are my hungering and thirsting and seeking after God. "Like a child..." is exactly how I need to be. Seven is the number of perfection, meaning this is the perfect time to start! And wonít it be heaven when weíre back together!