A Tale of Two Campuses

(The story of Law School and Grace U.)

When I arrived on campus at Law School I was given a list of rules and regulations I was expected to abide by. Some students took this responsibility very seriously and policed themselves strictly. They often also felt compelled to police others. They were called the Keepers.

Other students also saw the list as a guideline for behavior. However, for them it served as a list of rules to rebel against. They were called the Breakers.

I decided to join the Keepers and I moved up quickly in their ranks. I kept my Rules and Regulations list with me at all times and consulted it before making a move. I felt quite good about my efforts and especially enjoyed the acclaim of my fellow Keepers. (All of us met daily in the dining hall where we were served fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.)

As the year progressed, however, I found myself getting increasingly tired and depressed. The list got heavier and heavier and I started toying with the idea of stopping the striving to keep the rules and to instead defect to the Breakers. But, no, I couldn’t do that; what esteem could I garner with them? Besides, I’d seen how the Breakers lived and I’d seen the lonely empty look in their eyes, even while they were living it up and "having fun."

I felt trapped.

Finally I decided to transfer to Grace University. When I arrived on campus at Grace U. I was assigned a friend. I kept asking my friend what I should and shouldn’t be doing on campus, but he would just smile and take me by the hand. I found him to be a delightful companion who laughed with me and cried with me. He went with me to class, to the library, to parties, and to the dining room. (Where, by the way, we were served fruit from the Tree of Life.)

Sometimes I grew frustrated as He would stop to help someone who had fallen. At other times he would urge me to say kind words to someone I didn’t particularly like. There were times I decided to go off with someone else for a while to do my own thing. But then I missed him and came running back. Gradually I began to relax. I began to trust my friend. He began to share his heart with me and the things that interested him began to interest me, too. I found that life at Grace U. was abundant above my wildest dreams for I met the love of my life there.


Romans 6:14b (NKJ)

...for you are not under law but under grace.