At His Knee


You told me to come be with You,

To watch and see just what You do,

To stay still being at Your side,

To rest in You, in You to hide.

They clamored and they fussed at me.

What are you doing that we can see?

You’re not productive, rich and grand,

You’re falling short of what He planned.

How will you know what I have planned?

How will you have the strength to stand,

If close to Me you cannot be?

Stay still and restful at My knee.

And there You did Your plan unfold,

To me Your mysteries there You told.

You showed me the specific way

You chose to work through me today.

So now I rise up from this place

Held with the strength of Your embrace.

This is the plan You have for me,

To walk where only You can see.

For only You can know and say

The plans You have for me today.

And so by faith I take Your hand,

And walk beside You through this land.