simply devoted

The following words are from my spiritual leaders here at Valley View Chapel. I am indebted to them for their support and encouragement. - Lana


"Simply Devoted" is simply a blessing. Written with warmth, care and heartfelt devotion, Lana Liu has penned a treasure house of spiritual strength, comfort, and encouragement. Read a selection each day and ponder the goodness, grace, and magnificence of the God we love and worship. Your heart will be warmed at the fire of Scriptural truth and perceptive insight. I believe you’ll turn to this book again and again as you seek to become "simply devoted" to the King.

-Pastor John Fanning

I have just finished (simply devoted) - I spent a good few months working through it.  I found many of the sections really challenging, as they caused me to rethink some of the attitudes and patterns of thought that become so ingrained and that I take so for granted. I was so encouraged by the "Whispers", which often put me in mind of Marie Chapien's style of using God's 1st person voice. I found several sections that gave me a new perspective on truth I have known for many years; new way of seeing some truth.  I loved (the) word studies, and was challenged to do some of my own as a result.  I also was challenged to look up some of the passages and verses of Scripture quoted, and to read further the context in which they are found, and also to read passages which are cross referenced in my Bible, giving me a fuller understanding of the passages quoted.   I found the book to be very helpful, and an effective tool to deepen my own Scripture study and my walk with the Lord...  I know it will benefit and encourage others who read it.

–Emily Fanning

Intimate, heartwarming, powerful…in these pages you will see what it is like for a fully-devoted follower not only to talk with God but to hear Him specifically and clearly. You too can have a special relationship all your own. Let this serve as a great illustration and example as to what a living, vibrant, real relationship with Jesus Christ looks like.

-Pastor Troy Bramblet

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If you want to get a picture of a life "Simply Devoted" you only have to look as far as the face of its author.  Lana beams with a light that can only come from meeting at the Savior’s feet.  Through the pages of this book, she opens up a window for us all to get a peek of His presence and the relationship that she and Her Savior share.  He makes His presence known to those whose hearts are fully devoted to pleasing Him.  In the pages of Simply Devoted one can see the heart of Jesus. He will laugh and cry with you.  He will display His sense of humor and tender care. He will gently guide you to truth.  He shows, through the writer’s pen, how intimate a relationship can be and one He wholly desires with you and me.  It is very rare to see in print an honest relationship lived out for God's great pleasure.  With whispers to our Spirit, He gently leads us into a deeper walk with Himself.  Pick up the pages of this book and you too will be drawn into a life that can be "Simply Devoted". 

-Becky Bramblet

This book is truly anointed of the Lord and is a wonderful example of God’s Word being wrought out in Lana’s life. It does not teach "cookbook Christianity’" but rather exemplifies that intimate Spirit-led relationship with, as Hebrews 12:2 says "… the author and perfecter of faith" our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been blessed of the Lord as He has used it to speak both confirmation and admonition into my own walk with Him. Thank you Lana for this "Good Work." 

-Rich Quamme

Simply Devoted is a testimony to God’s faithfulness in Lana’s life. These writings will bring encouragement to any and all who desire to know, and be known by, God. The life lived behind these words has been purified by the Refiner’s Fire. There is a genuine tenderness, transparency and truthfulness that the reader will relate to. Knowing Lana as I have for the past five years or more, I can assure you that what you will read and how she has lived her life are one in the same. The Lord has blessed her with the gift of writing and putting into words what He has revealed to her. Be prepared to grow, stretch, ponder, be encouraged, and even laugh! To His Name Be the Glory!

-Tracy Quamme