The Little Puppy and His House

The little puppy came up to the door of the house and scratched. Oh, how he wanted in there! It was warm inside. He wasn't real sure what warm felt like but he knew it was good and that he needed it. He had been turned away from many a door before. Never had anyone really welcomed him in--even when he was a cute tiny puppy. Well, actually, he had been a rather sickly little thing and although his mother wished she had a warm bed for him, she herself was without a master or a warm place to live.

The first door he scratched at back then was full of a litter of puppies and although they let him in, he got kicked around a lot by the mistress of the house who felt caring for one more puppy was too much to ask of her.

But the little puppy was feisty and, when he had to leave that house, he just kept searching for the perfect warm home.

For a while he ran with some other puppies on the street and when they huddled up there was some warmth there. But it was nothing like living in a warm house.

Then one day someone else let him into his house. He was so excited he ran around wagging all over. Home! Warmth! But eventually he was shown to the door of this house, too, for the one living there didn't really know how to care for him. Back on the street he went--hurt, scared, and cold.

But he refused to give up. He was desperate for a warm house to live in. And, then, there it was. This time he entered more cautiously, being an older and wiser puppy. But he was still filled with hope that at last he had found a real home of his own and that now he would always be warm.

Now the puppy had been homeless for a long time and he needed to learn how to live in a house. To tell you the truth, it wasn't always easy having him around. Sometimes he would nip at the other puppies living there and they didn't like that at all. Then they would nip back at him and he would feel like someone turned down the thermostat in his new house because he'd feel cold in his little puppy heart that so much wanted to be warm.

It took a long time for the puppies to learn to get along. The other puppies had always lived in a warm house and they just didn't understand how the little puppy felt or why he acted the way he did. He knew they didn't understand but he didn't know what to do about it. He just knew that he wanted to be warm and that this house was his best hope.

Deep down, though, all the little puppies really did like living together in this nice warm house and they kept trying and trying and kept getting better and better at getting along. You could even say that they lived happily ever after.