Letting Go

You said, "Let go."

I heard, "Give up",

and knew it wasn't You;

For giving up is not a thing that You would have me do.

You would have me persevere,

stick-to-it, stay true;

grab on the dilemma's horns

and ride it through.

"Let go."

There the words are again, quieter but clear.

"Let go."

What could You mean, dear Lord?

I pray my thoughts You'll steer.

And then today I placed a plant into its little hole,

Around its roots I nudged good soil,

And then I let it go.

But give up on it I did not do,

Instead with expectation

I sprinkled it with water

And in my mind envisioned what would happen to this flower

As soil and rain and sun

Did for it things that I alone could not have done.

Again the words: "Let go."

And now I understand.

You're only asking me to put it in Your hands.

Then You invite me back to cooperate with You,

To pinch a leaf or give a drink or swat a bug or two.

But always in Your hands is where it has to stay;

If any good's to come of it Yours is the only way.

I bring my burden now, Lord,

I wrap it in a prayer.

I place it in Your hands, Lord,

And I will leave it there.

When You have a part for me to play,

I'm at Your beck and call.

But in the meantime I will wait,

And trust You with it all.