Not only do I love to meet with you here in your vineyard and enjoy your company--walking, talking, being together--but I also like to work by your side here. Tending your vineyard is precious and pleasant work for Me. When you are by My side, My work is even more fun for Me. I don't like to work in an untidy, unkempt, weed and thorn-infested vineyard any more than you do, especially when I am left there all alone. But I am willing--more than willing--to do this because of My great unstoppable love for the steward of the vineyard. I know some are not even aware of the existence of their vineyards. So I move in and do the heaviest and hardest work by Myself. Then, as they see the results, feel the results, live the results, they are drawn.

Now you are here. How delighted I am. We will continue to work here, together tending this increasingly restored and beautiful place.