Don't care so much what others are saying and doing. I tailor-make My messages to you. They--when you take heed--bring you comfort and peace and restore your soul. You can't be where you're not, you can't be who you're not.

You might want to make a list of the thoughts that need to be caged like wild animals.


Now, which of these sound like Me? Which energize you? fill you with hope and anticipation? cause you to want to?

Well, then, throw them out! Resist them. They are lies and bring death rather than life; dread rather than anticipation. Even good things said by the devil are lies. That's why you must remember the sweet familiar loving sound of My voice. Remember what happens in your heart when the ears of your heart hear My voice. You love Me. You cherish Me. You want more of Me. You focus on Me and not on yourself.