In the Still of the Night

I awake in the night and my mind gropes for information—

What day is this?

What do I have to do?

Questions that don’t belong in the night.

Years of relationship bring me to my next thought:


What day is this?

What do I have to do?

This person--I need to pray,

That person--I need to pray.


Endeavoring to trap my mind

I think of Him.

The thoughts are sweet.

Still my mind wiggles away.

Then, silence.


I become immersed in stillness.

My soul relaxes as muscles relax in a warm bath;

My mind sighs and quiets;

Enveloped in a cloud of peace

I am.

He says He is I AM.

In His stillness I understand;

Engulfed in I AM, I am.

I am more important and of no importance at all

As He quiets me with His love.

My body complains,

The aches ache and the pains pain.

But like an underground reservoir the stillness remains,

Unperturbed, deep within.

I want to sink into it,

Into Him.

To become one with I AM.

For who I am to be Him.

Time becomes irrelevant, a non-entity,

My little world dissipates like a shadow in the noon sun;

For reality is This Place.

He is so big

I could wander around in Him for an eternity,

Be drenched in His love,

And have only just begun to experience Him.

I am so small

That one little drop of His love could overwhelm me

And leave me purely simply devoted to Him.