Asleep on the Water


One day on CNNís Newswatch I saw a story about a lady who had fallen asleep in the ocean! She and her husband were on a long anticipated cruise. Their ship docked somewhere in the Caribbean and several of those aboard went to a quiet, isolated cove for a swim. She frolicked with the others for a while and then slowly leaned back and began to float on the still, calm water under the warm tropical sun. She was so relaxed that she just dozed off. When she awoke, however, and attempted to put her foot on the ocean floor, all that relaxation dissipated and in flooded the panic, for there was no floor. The story ended happily as one of the others swam out to rescue her and she was praising God for her life and for her rescuer as she related the story to the news reporter.

I couldnít get this story out of my mind. Finally I realized it was because God wanted me to learn something from it.

Because the lady was so relaxed, she was able to find the water sufficient to support her. When I am relaxed in Jesus, I find that He--the Living Water--is sufficient to support me.

When she went to put her foot on the ocean floor and discovered it was not where she expected it to be, however, she panicked. No longer did she believe the water was sufficient to support her, even though it had been doing so. Now she wanted something else, something familiar. I am the same way. I am used to standing on my own two feet on that which is earthly. The Living Water is a very different environment in which to function, but the way to learn He is sufficient to support me is by just leaning back, relaxing, and floating on Him. The quieter I am, the more I experience His support and believe He will always be there for me. Then, when everything Iíve been used to standing on is gone, I wonít panic, because I have Someone to lean on.