Entering God's Rest

Jesus and I talked about His Rest today

While we were having lunch on the log He grew and had fall for us,

Right there over the brook, under the branches.

I grasped for the comprehension.

I had been there...

It was familiar but a bit like capturing the thread of a dream.

He showed me His rest pictures:

Lying down in green pastures.

Walking beside still waters.

Deep within it stirred...settled.

God's Rest.

"Enter," He beckoned.

A hush.

I pause to leave some items outside: uneasiness, agitation, anxiety.

Then, looking like a schoolboy shedding his book bag on the way to the frig, I strain forward, eager, anticipating.

He is there to usher me into a place

of Fridays after work,

of the second day of a vacation,

of the occupation of a small child playing;

of no agendas,

of no responsibilities,

of no distractions,

of lightness, of freedom, of centeredness, of joy, of peace,

The place of knowing Someone greater is in charge.

The place called God's Rest.

"Enter," He whispers.

The hush of dawn.

The sigh of dusk.

Adrift on a tranquil lake on a peaceful day.

What is it we say?

"Not a care in the world."

Breathe deeply for God is here.