People have trouble waiting on Me. They think I am slow, but I am not. If only you all would wait, many crises could be averted. I want souls that know how to be still. I know how to prepare for change and bring change in a way that doesn't result in this mass destruction of My army. Consider the battles I won as My chosen people followed Me. The enemy was the one defeated. The way you all tend to fight, your own comrades are the ones that are defeated. I am serious when I call for you to love one another. I am serious when I instruct you to think of others more highly than yourselves. If your children were being attacked, you would stay with them in the trenches until they were rescued.

Oh, if only you would love my family as I do. Love the impatient and instruct them in My ways. Love the deceived and teach them My truth. Love the sinners and lead them in My paths of righteousness. Lift up Moses' arms for he is but a man and cannot wage this battle alone. Not one of you is perfect, not one of you has the whole truth. He who is greatest is least-- the one who has humbled himself and loved the most. Don’t care so much about your own feelings. I can take care of you and make sure you get all the love you need. Care for the feelings of others. If you know freedom and they don't, whose feelings are most in need of care? If you know My love and they don't, who is crying and most in need of help?

Many times a drowning person will fight the one who comes to rescue him. When this happens it is best to wait for the drowning one to tire to the point of surrender, then he can be rescued without danger to the rescuer.