The Promised Land #2


While strolling along a familiar pathway through my Promised Land, I saw in the distance a large concrete building. You know how some things are so familiar you don't even realize they are there anymore? Now, and for the first time, I paused on top of a grassy knoll overlooking that building to really consider it. It was a movie theater called Memories and Imaginations. Inside the proprietor showed the same old movies over and over until you would have thought I'd be sick of them. And I was! But I had to walk this way often and it had become such a habit--even a compulsion--to walk in there to sample a movie or two. You see, he kept several movies running constantly. I could just stand in the middle of this big dark theater and, no matter which direction I faced, be confronted with one of those movies. Since I had been such a regular patron, the proprietor had expanded his business and now all four outside walls of his concrete building served as drive-in movie screens. Although I still had to go inside for the old movies, these drive-in movies were playing right there in full view as I passed by and most of them were new releases. Sometimes I'd be enjoying a delightful stroll through the Promised Land when one of these movies would catch my eye and, before I knew it, I would have frittered away an entire afternoon. Even worse, sometimes I would be headed for a specific destination and get distracted by a movie until I totally forgot where I was going.

As I observed the theater that day I became disgusted. I didn't want those outside movies there distracting me everytime I went by--what a nuisance! And I became remorseful realizing that the inside movies were very offensive and had a very negative effect on me.

Why had I let this theater operate in my Promised Land for so long? Immediately I hurried down the road and marched into the lobby where I demanded to see the proprietor. But as I stood there waiting I began to feel myself being enticed once more by those old movies. Urgently I turned and crashed out through the doors back into the fresh air.

I was beginning to realize that this was a dangerous place for me to be. Someone else would have to confront the proprietor. Of course I knew Who that would have to be. I entered the Presence of the Landlord and pleaded my case, once again confessing I had mismanaged His Promised Land and let an unscrupulous tenant move in.

It is such a relief to know that the Landlord--who, by the way, is my Father--will take care of this for me. He wants to have some talks with me, He said, about why I stopped by the theater so often for so long. That probably won't be much fun, but I know Father knows best. And in the meantime the eviction notice has been delivered and the proprietor has been sent packing. Won't it be wonderful to have that old eyesore out of the way when I pass by! The Landlord mentioned something about erecting a pretty stone enclosure there and planting a garden within. He said He'd be more than happy to meet with me there since I had to pass that way so often and was in the habit of stopping anyway. I told Him that sounded like a great idea!


II Corinthians 10: 5 (KJV)

…casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exulteth itself

against the knowledge of God,

and bringing into captivity every thought

to the obedience of Christ.