The Draft


A violation or infraction, as of a law, legal obligation, or promise

A gap or rift...

A breaking up or disruption of friendly relations, estrangement

The American Heritage Dictionary



The night was deep when I awoke and felt the cold. I had realized there was a chill when I crawled into bed, but I had chosen to ignore it. I was just too tired, just too resistant to track down the source then.

But now the draft was even colder as it blew in some undiscovered crack in my soul. Where was it coming from? How was this coldness entering into my heart usually so warmed by His Spirit? I knew I had to find it or soon my whole heart would be cold.

"Where is it, Jesus? I need You, the Carpenter of my soul, to show me the location of this crack. You, Lord Jesus, need to apply Your heavenly weather-stripping to keep the evil one from blowing his chill into me."

I could tell my thoughts were getting close to it--the coldness intensified there just as it did near the un-weather-stripped windows in a home. I found myself backing away from it though. It was so uncomfortable there. But no, I had to deal with this. Having a warm heart had become too dear to me to forfeit it for some temporary comfort.

I kept seeking as Jesus led me closer and closer to the sinful thought that had caused this crack. And, finally, there it was. The coldness gushed through it chilling me to the bone as I stood there facing it. Oh, how could I have let that crack develop?

"Jesus, look at this! I hate having this crack here! I want it gone!"

"Turn away from it," was His counsel to me. "You have faced it, now turn from it and I will repair the breach for you."

The next thing I knew I was enveloped in deep snugly warmth again; warmth made to feel even warmer because of the contrast to the chill of minutes before.

"Oh, Jesus, thank You for the furnace of Your grace, mercy, and love."