Child, you are okay. Take a deep breath. You are okay. I haven't let go of you. There is more of My love to come. I am your closest friend, sufficient for you. In My sight you are valuable, you have worth. If you let Me convince you anew that this is true, nothing else will really matter that much. I am helping you out here. When everything else is consumed and I am left, you will find yourself more satisfied than ever before.

You feel alone, unneeded, unwanted. I know those feelings. Will you walk with Me through them? Feel them deeply, to the bone. I didn't say wallow in self-pity, I said feel the feelings of aloneness, of being on the outside--not a part of the group. Let those feelings burn their way through your pride, your rivalries, your self-centeredness. Burning is good. Yes, it hurts, but it leaves you free from the entrapments of the world--from the need for man's approval and praise. These intense emotions are My gift to you--My gift of pain to set you free. You felt like you were on the outside looking in. Can you be okay with that? Can you fade from view there and become more real to Me, here? Sometimes too much recognition there results in too little of a person coming to Me, appearing on My side.