The 78 MPN Topical Studies are divided into Some General Subgroups


Purpose, Vanity Ransom - a word study | Accepting by faith the ransom provided by Christ, gives true purpose to life, replacing worthless vane pursuits.
The Heart of the Matter | Trust in Christ Jesus must be from the whole heart, mind, and soul.
Consider the Rock | Scripture contains a variety of metaphors about the LORD Godand about Christ, our firm foundation for faith.
The Shepherd and His Sheep | Christ Jesus is the Shepherd; and His sheep are those who believe he is God.
Proverbs 3 - Don't Ignore the Law of the Lord | The law of the LORD is fulfilled by Christ for us, but it is still guidance we should desire to follow.
The Judge of All Earth | An examination of some questions about the fairness of God as the final judge of life.
The Just Shall Live by Faith | Faith is the only way to be truly just before a Holy and Righteous God.
Witness to a Mormon | A personal experience of sharing views with Morman visitors.
Immanuel - god With Us | This is one of those unique terms of scripture both because of its sparing use, and because of its abundant meaning.
Deuteronomy 32 - Song of Moses | This song is not replicated in the book of Psalms, so it has a uniqueplace as a song, or psalm, of the Old Testament.
Proverbs - Lord and Sinner | The two topic words represent categories, not actual key words found in each of the 21 verses I selected for this study.
Whosoever Believes | Christ Jesus offers eternal life to whosoever will believe that He is the Son of God.
The King's Sceptre | In the ancient days of Kings, the sceptor was a sign of sovereign authority.
Holy Saints - Old and New Testaments | This study considers that holy saints are believers given eternal salvation by the LORD.
What Does It Profit? - What Could You give? | Great material gain in this present life will pass, and cannot buy the gift of eternal life!
The Blind Receive Sight | The blind "eyes of understanding" can be opened to saving faith by the grace of the Lord.
The Royal Law | Old and New Testament references support the importance of this encapsulated phrase of guidance for the Christian.
God's Name in vain | Christians have a great responsibility to guard themselves against associating the Lord's name with emptiness and commonality.
You Shall Not Covet | This commandment applies to Christians, but cannot be consistently resisted without the help of the Holy Spirit.
Born Again | When the unsaved world uses the phrase, despite any supposed great personal impact, it has no application beyond the grave.
The Word of God Is Alive | Much can be gain from study of The WORD, as the Holy Spirit continues an inner transformation to the soul that has been converted.
Genesis Prophecy | The LORD God begins in Genesis to use prophets, and continues with apostles to convey the gospel of Christ.
Our Father - are we children of God? | Prayers are often opened with "our Father," but those "born from above" are truly children of God.
Wisdom of Solomon | Wisdom by the fear of a Holy God affects motivations of the heart, not just of the intellect.
Only One True God | The one true God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: concealed from human understanding, and revealed only by God's Spirit.
God Our Rock | The fact that God is our "rock" expresses spiritual truth that will endure for all time.
Fear God | Does the fear of God only imply respect, or can being afraid also be involved?
Lamb of God | Considering the prophetic implications of the sacrificial lamb in scripture, and the fulfillment by Christ.
David's Temple Dedication | David delivered a dedication prayer for the temple to be built by Solomon.
Abraham's Heir | After much time, finally Isaac was born of Sarah when she was thought to be past childbearing.
Abraham's Servant | Abraham chose to send a trusted servant to his homeland to bring back a wife for Isaac from among his relatives.
Last Days of Moses | The LORD allowed Moses a miraculous view, but he was not permitted to enter the Promised Land. All Scripture Is Given | "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: "
Adam to Noah | This study emphasizes chronology, but there are some key observations as well.
Noah To Abraham | We have no genealogical record for the ancestors of the wives of Noah and his sons.
Sons of Korah | There are eleven Psalms that identify the sons of Korah in the heading, interesting because of "Korah's rebellion" against Moses.
Hezekiah and Sennacherib | The miraculous protection of Jerusalem from the army of King Sennacherib mocked and shamed the Assyrians who had blasphemed the Almighty God.
Spiritual Body | The Apostle Paul wrote that there is a spiritual body that will come from the last Adam, Christ Jesus.
David's First Wife | David accepted the bride's price set by Saul, and delivered it before Michal became his wife.
David And Michal Reunited | David escaped danger as Michal let him down through a house window, and they were separated for some years.
Incomparable Peace | The tranquility of heart and mind, that is given to each believer by the LORD God is unequaled by anything else.
Kingdom of God | The eternal Kingdom of God has qualities unlike any temporal kingdom of man that has been, or will ever be, established on earth.
Circumcised Heart | The circumcision of the heart is made by the Lord as he marks eternal life for those who trust in Him.
Seven Days | Jehovah God created everything in the physical world in the beginning, and rested on the seventh day!
Temptation By Satan | Adam and Eve acted on the temptation by the serpent in the Garden of Eden and Jehovah God set forth His judgment.
Proverbs 8 - Wisdom Of God | There is much use of personification in this Proverb about the importance of following the wisdom that is offered.
Life and Hope | Only life with true faith in Christ assures the hope for eternal life
Grace and Devotion - Yahweh's abundant grace from Adam to Noah
Gospel Prophecy- Many prophecies were preciously fulfilled when Jesus became the Savior for mankind.


David's Everlasting Heir | David desired to build a temple for the LORD, but the LORD had a special message for him.
Who Am I, Lord? | The LORD told David that his descendent would build a temple, and his throne would be everlasting.
Jesus As A Child | Matthew and Luke recorded actions of the parents of Jesus, and some fulfilled prophecy.
The Baptism of Jesus | All four gospels have some detail about the baptism of Christ, which preceded his public ministry.
Temptation of Jesus | Matthew and Luke provide the most detail about the temptation of Christ, and Mark has very brief references.
The Lord's Prayer | The prayer given by our Lord to his disciples as recorded in Matthew and Luke embodies principles of effective prayer.
The Publican and the Pharisee | Jesus gave this example to teach about effective prayer with humility.
Syrophenician Woman | Jesus went into territory outside Israel, and responded to the request made in faith by a Gentile woman to heal her daughter.
Samaritan Woman | While Jesus was resting alone by Jacob's well in Samaria, he had an encounter with a Samaritan woman.
Centurion At Capernaum | A Gentile centurion demonstrated his belief that Jesus was the LORD, and Jesus healed the man's servant.
Vineyard Of The LORD | Jesus told several parables about vineyards, but this one was directed to the Jewish religious elite.
Good Samaritan | This parable is found only in Luke, as Jesus used it to describe a neighbor.
Precious Ointment | A woman anointed Jesus with precious ointment just a few days before his final Passover.
Mount Of Transfiguration | The transfiguration of Jesus is recorded in 3 of the 4 gospel accounts, providing information from varied perspectives.
The Empty Tomb - a harmony of the gospels | Combined details from all four gospel accounts for greater appreciation of that significant truth.
Tiberias Reunion | John is the only gospel writer to give detail of the encounter with the risen Jesus at the sea of Tiberias.
Jesus of Nazareth | Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God who is Savior for all who will believe in Him.
Seed of the Woman | Christ Jesus is the seed of the woman who destroys the work of Satan, that serpent from the Garden.
Family of Jesus | Jesus was around family and friends before he began to teach with authority and work wonders at age thirty.


Praise Prayer in Acts 4 | The apostles praised the Lord in prayer even after they had been threatened.
The Allegory - Sarah and Hagar | Paul used an allegory to epitomize his comparisons between saving faith and the law.
Antioch Christians - Part 1 | Followers of Christ were first called Christians at Antioch, and Paul and Barnabas served there.
Antioch Christians - Part 2 | The church at Antioch of ancient Syria was not founded by Paul as he spent time there, and he sent no letter to that assembly.
Antioch of Pisidia | Antioch of Syria was a base for Paul and Barnabas, and they preached at Antioch in Pisidia.
Berea and Athens | Paul delivered the Word of God in both Berea and Athens.
Gospel At Ephesus | Many in Ephesus worshipped the goddess Diana, but the gospel of Christ broke through.
Church At Philippi | Paul and his companions were called by a vision to take the gospel into Macedonia, and the first stop was Philippi.
Church at Corinth | Paul used scripture at the Synagogue each Sabbath to prove that Jesus is the promised Messiah, until ...
Gospel at Cyprus | The island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea had been the home of Barnabas, a Levite ...


Topics can be developed from word or phrase studies that embody principles or concepts, or by specifics events recorded about individuals or groups in scripture. Studies may be about prayers found in Scripture, or about portions of the Proverbs. Some of the studies are about the cities that Paul visited while spreading the gospel among both Jews and Gentiles. Some are more limited segments about the life of an individual that would have otherwise placed the study within the category of character studies. Psalms that are found in other Bible books (i.e. Deuteronomy, 1 Chronicles, etcetera), will be placed in this topical category of Bible studies. The studies found herein were often developed after personal study of various Scriptures, and sometimes by reflecting on messages from broadcast or live presentations of the Scriptures by others. Each Bible study herein is intended to keep Scripture as the centerpiece, and to conclude with a personal response in prayer.

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