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The author/manager of this web site is a blind person who had 39 years of municipal employment, with 32 of those years in supervision. The Bible studies, which are a true labor of love, may be printed or copied from the web site freely for any non-commercial use. I have been a Christian since a very basic personal commitment to my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ in mid 1974, and became a member of a local church early in 1976. The studies represent a layman's approach to personal searching and prayer with many resources now accessible to blind individuals, especially with software packages and Internet access with screen reading software. The Bible studies of various categories use Bible cross references extensively, and always conclude with my personal response in prayer. Some of the other pages on this website give experiences and perspectives of being blind in the USA, in family and church life, in the business world, and in the organized blind movement.
The blind website author uses JAWS software to read the print material, and to move about the screen quickly with keystroke commands, such as accessing the heading levels. Sighted users may have a variety of methods to maneuver around the screen material as desired.

The outside links provided to other Internet resources are for further Bible study, general reference, or for product and consumer services; and is not responsible for the content from those links.


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Bible Studies On Old Testament Psalms - Listed in numerical order

Annotated Index for this Group Alone - each one has a brief content description
Psalm 1 - Blessed Is The One [first in Book 1[
Psalm 2 - The Nations Rage Against God
Psalm 3 - David Fled from Absalom
Psalm 4 - Hear Me When I Call
Psalm 5 - Hear My Prayer
Psalm 7 - God Is My Shield
Psalm 8 - LORD, How Excellent Is Thy Name
Psalm 9 - Wholehearted Praise
Psalms 14 and 53 - The Fool Says God Is Not
Psalm 16 - The Path of Life
Psalm 17 - When I Awake Psalm 19 - The Heavens Declare!
Psalm 20 - May the LORD Hear and Answer
Psalm 22 - Has God Forsaken Me?
Psalm 23 - The Lord Is My Shepherd
Psalm 24 - LORD Of Glory
Psalm 25 - I Lift Up My Soul
Psalm 32 - Blessed Believers
Psalm 33 - Rejoice in the LORD
Psalm 34 - Taste And See
Psalm 36 - Fountain of Life
Psalm 37 - The Eternal Inheritance
Psalm 39 - My Hope is in the LORD
Psalms 40 and 70 - I Waited Patiently
Psalm 41 - Our Enemies Requited
Psalm 42 - My Soul Thirsts for God [first in Book 2]
Psalm 46 - God Our Refuge
Psalm 47 and 48 - King of Heaven and Earth
Psalm 49 - God Redeems Souls
Psalm 50 - The Mighty God
Psalm 51 - David Confronted By Nathan
Psalm 52 - Doeg The Edomite
Psalm 54 - God Is My Helper
Psalm 56 - David And The Philistines
Psalm 59 - David Fled From Saul
Psalm 63 - David In The Wilderness
Psalm 67 - Evangelistic Praise
Psalm 73 - Comfort Reserved for the Saved [first in Book 3]
Psalm 78 - A Psalm for Instruction
Psalm 79 - Jerusalem In Mockery
Psalm 84 - My King and my God
Psalm 86 - Jehovah Gives Comfort
Psalm 90 - Moses Prayer [first in Book 4]
Psalm 92 - Sabbath Praise
Psalm 95 - Shout for Joy! and Enter Into His Rest!
Psalm 96 - Sing A New Song
Psalms 97 and 98 - The LORD Reigns
Psalm 100 - The LORD Is God, We Are His Sheep
Psalm 101 - Mercy and Judgment
Psalm 103 - The Everlasting King
Psalm 104 - Creator God
Psalm 105 - Give Thanks to the LORD
Psalm 106 - Save Us O LORD
Psalm 107 - Jehovah's Lovingkindness [first in Book 5]
Psalms 108, 57 and 60 - In The Shadow Of Thy Wings
Psalm 110 - The LORD Said to my Lord
Psalm 111 - Beginning Of Wisdom
Psalm 118 - His Mercy Endures Forever
Psalm 126 - The LORD Sets Captives Free! Psalm 133 - Unity of Believers
Psalms 117 and 134 - Lift Up Your Heart and Soul to Praise the LORD!
Psalm 136 - Praise Without Petition
Psalm 137 - What Is My Highest Joy?
Psalm 138 - Praise With Your Whole Heart
Psalm 139 - Search Me O God
Psalm 142 - David in the Cave
Psalm 143 - A Faithful and Righteous Answer
Psalm 146 - Praise Jehovah!
Psalm 148 - The LORD Alone Is Exalted
Psalm 149 - Sing to the Lord a New Song
Psalm 150 - Praise the LORD!

Character Bible Studies - Real People of the Bible

Annotated Index for this Group Alone, each one has a brief content description
Abram's Prayer For Ishmael
Job and Elihu
Rahab's Faith
Hannah's Praise Prayer
God's Message, David's Prayer
David's Last Words
Habakkuk 3 - In Wrath LORD, Remember Mercy
Daniel 2 - God Interprets Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
The Rich Young ruler
The Blind Man Of John 9
Nicodemus, The Conqueror Through Faith
Mary Praises Her Savior
Nehemiah's Silent Prayer
Part I: Peter - The Stone
Part II: Peter - A Pillar In The Church
Aquila And Priscilla
Silas, A Chief Man Among Brethren
Barnabas, Son Of Consolation
The Jerusalem Seven
Stephen Apprehended
Stephen's Defense
Stephen Martyred
The Repentant Thief On The Cross
Zacharias And Elizabeth
John Prepared The Way
John The Baptizer
Servants Of Naaman and Servants Of The LORD
Zacchaeus - Tax Collector
Abraham And Melchizedek
John, Part 1 - Fisherman And Apostle
John, Part 2 - Lazarus Resurrected
John, Part 3 - Jesus Is Risen!
John, Part 4 - The Foundation Of The Church
Joseph Of Arimathaea
Paul And Titus
Abel's Sacrifice
Paul's Conversion
Paul At Jerusalem
Paul Before Felix
Paul Before Festus
Timothy And Paul
Paul Went To Rome
Paul At Rome
Andrew And Philip
Philip Among Seven
Philip The Evangelist
Micaiah The Prophet
David's Elegy
James, Son Of Zebedee
Abigail The Carmelitess
Joseph, Husband Of Mary
Peter At Pentecost
Moses' Family
Thomas, Called Didymus
Pontius Pilate
Jeroboam And Ahijah
Judas Iscariot
John Mark
Matthew The Apostle
Judah - The Boy
Judah's Brothers
Judah and Tamar
Judah in Egypt
Nebuchadnezzar's Testimony
David's Sons at Hebron
David's Son Absalom
Joab and Adonijah
King Josiah
Twelve Apostles
Jonathan, Part 1
Jonathan, Part 2
King Ishbosheth

David's Brothers

Topical Bible Studies

Annotated Index for this Group Alone - each one has a breif content description
Purpose, Vanity Ransom - a word study
The Heart of the Matter
Consider the Rock
Proverbs 3 - Don't Ignore the Law of the Lord
The Empty Tomb - a harmony of the gospels
The Just Shall Live by Faith
Witness to a Mormon
Immanuel - god With Us
Deuteronomy 32 - Song of Moses
Proverbs: Lord and Sinner
The Lord's Prayer
The Publican and the Pharisee
Whosoever Believes
The King's Sceptre
Holy Saints - Old and New Testaments
What Does It Profit? - What Could You give? The Blind Receive Sight
The Royal Law
God's Name in vain
Praise Prayer in Acts 4
The Allegory: Sarah and Hagar
You Shall Not Covet
Born Again
The Word of God Is Alive
Genesis Prophets
Our Father - are we children of God? Wisdom of Solomon
Only One True God
Antioch Christians: Part 1
Antioch Christians: Part 2
God Our Rock
Fear God
Lamb of God
Antioch of Pisidia
David's Temple Dedication
Abraham's Heir
Abraham's Servant
The Baptism of Jesus
All Scripture Is Given
The Temptation of Jesus
Syrophenician Woman
Centurion At Capernaum
Jesus As A Child
Noah To Abraham
Sons of Korah
Berea and Athens
Hezekiah and Sennacherib
Spiritual Body
Mount Of Transfiguration
Gospel At Ephesus
David's Everlasting Heir
Who Am I, Lord? Precious Ointment
Church At Philippi
David's First Wife
David And Michal Reunited
Vineyard Of The LORD
Good Samaritan
Samaritan Woman
Tiberias Reunion
Incomparable Peace
Church at Corinth
Kingdom of God
Circumcised Heart
Last Days of Moses
Gospel at Cyprus
Seed of the Woman
Adam to Noah
Judge Of All The Earth
Seven Days - In The Beginning!
Temptation By Satan - Garden of Eden
Proverbs 8 - Wisdom Of God

New Testament Letters to the Church

Annotated Index for this group - each one has a brief content description
Colossians 1 - Christ in You, the Hope of Glory
Colossians 2 - Established in Christ
Colossians 3 - Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly
Colossians 4 - Continue in Prayer
Jude - Contend for the Faith
1 Peter 1 - Pilgrim Saints
1 Peter 2 - Living Stones
1 Peter 3 - Be Of One Mind
1 Peter 4 - Arm Your Mind with the Will of God
1 Peter 5 - Feed the Flock
1 Thessalonians 1 - Good News in Word and Power
1 Thessalonians 2 - Boldness Out of Suffering
1 Thessalonians 3 - Paul Sent Timothy
1 Thessalonians 4 - Abound in Love Toward Sanctification
1 Thessalonians 5 - Stay Alert for Christ's Return
1 John 1 - Fellowship with the Father and the Son
1 John 2 - Our Counselor and Atoning Sacrifice
1 John 3 - Children of God
1 John 4 - Perfect Love Casts Out Fear
1 John 5 - Keep Yourselves From Idols
Titus 1 - Churches in Crete
Titus 2 - Continue in Sound Doctrine
Titus 3 - Continue in Good Works
2 Thessalonians 1 - Worthy to Suffer for Christ
2 Thessalonians 2 - The Gathering Together to Christ
2 Thessalonians 3 - Pray for the Spread of the Word of the Lord
2 Peter 1 - A Precious Faith
2 Peter 2 - False Teachers and Deliverance of the Saints
2 Peter 3 - Remember the Words of the Prophets and Apostles
Galatians 1 - No Other Gospel
Galatians 2 - Gentile Circumcision
Galatians 3 - Faith Before Law
Galatians 4 - Heirs of god
Galatians 5 - Liberty in Christ
Galatians 6 - New Creation in Christ
1 Timothy 1 - Timothy at Ephesus
1 Timothy 2 - Only One Mediator
1 Timothy 3 - Pastors and Deacons
1 Timothy 4 - False Teachers
1 Timothy 5 - Church Relationships
1 Timothy 6 - Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain
2 Timothy 1 - I Know Whom I Have Believed! 2 Timothy 2 - Grace In Christ Strengthens Us
2 Timothy 3 - Expect Grievous Times
2 Timothy 4 - The LORD Will Deliver and Preserve
2 John - Truth and Love
3 John - Letter To Gaius
Paul's Letter To Philemon
Ephesians 1 - Body Of Believers
Ephesians 2 - Christ, Our Cornerstone
Ephesians 3 - Mystery Of Christ
Ephesians 4 - Unity Of The Faith
Ephesians 5 - Walk In Light And Love
Ephesians 6 - Pray In The Spirit
Philippians 1 - Prisoner For Christ
Philippians 2 - Letter By Epaphroditus
Philippians 3 - Worship God In The Spirit
Philippians 4 - Rejoice Always In The Lord
Romans 1 - Called Of God
Romans 2 - God Judges In Truth
Romans 3 - Grace And Redemption
Romans 4 - Righteousness by Faith
Romans 5 - Peace With God
Romans 6 - Gift Of Eternal Life
Romans 7 - Free From the Law
Romans 8 - No Condemnation
Romans 9 - Israel Saved By Faith
Romans 10 - Righteousness Of God
Romans 11 - Remnant by Grace
Romans 12 - The Believer, A Living Sacrifice
Romans 13 - Armor Of Light
Romans 14 - Grow Together In Christ
Romans 15 - May The God Of Peace Be With You
Romans 16 - Glory To God Alone Forever
1 Corinthians 1and2 - Foolishness of Preaching
1 Corinthians 3and4 - Believers, One in Christ
1 Corinthians 5and6 - Let God be honored in Your Body
1 Corinthians 7 - Corinthian Letter to Paul
1 Corinthians 8and9 - Freedom in Christ
1 Corinthians 10 - Lessons From Exodus
1 Corinthians 11and12 - Paul Addressed Issues at Corinth
1 Corinthians 13and14 - Faith, Hope, and Love
1 Corinthians 15and16 - Closing with the Gospel
Hebrews 1and2 - In These Last Days
Hebrews 3and4 - The Believer's High Priest
Hebrews 5and6 - The Author of Salvation
Hebrews 7and8 - High Priest of a New Covenant
Hebrews 9and10 - Hold Fast Your Confession Of Faith
Hebrews 11 - Righteousness Before God Is By Faith
Hebrews 12and13 - The Author and Finisher of Our Faith
James 1 - Twelve Dispersed Tribes
James 2and3 - Considerations Of Faith
James 4and5 - The LORD Exalts The Humble

Blind Experiences and Family Life

The Lost and The Gospel (a tract using acrostics)
Being Blind ... (my personal conversion.)
Spiritual Sight Series: My Spiritual Eyes Were Opened
My Employment With Visual Impairment
Springfield News-Sun article - blind superintendent
Blind Computer User
The Blind Father of a GBS Patient
A Young Boy's Question About Indwelling
When We Need Refuge and Comfort
Bible Study Techniques Used by a Blind Person

Simply Devoted - A Devotional eBook by Lana Waters Liu

Devotional eBook Introduction
Devotional eBook Master Contents
Devotionals about "Real Rest."
Devotionals about "Trust."
Devotionals about "Escape From Legalism."
Devotionals about "Our Devotion."
Devotionals about "Dying To Live."
Devotionals about "Through His Eyes."
Devotionals about "Interference."
Devotionals about "God's Testing Program."

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