The 71 MPN Psalms Bible studies are grouped into the Five Books

The Psalms studies have been written over a period of time beginning around 1998, and the listing below using the Psalms numbers, would be very different if I listed the studies in order by the date I completed writing each one. The following studies were prepared in my own paraphrase: Psalms 2, 4, 20, 23, 25, 39, 73, 90, 95, 107, 146, and 148. For each of those studies, the Introduction section describes my method of preparation. There are also 5 studies that combine 2 or more Psalms, and each Introduction section describes the reason that I combined those Psalms.


Psalm 1 - Blessed Is The One. | Each verse is shown in three Bible versions, followed by comment and prayer.
Psalm 2 - The Nations Rage Against God. | personal composite paraphrase using 4 Bible translations, and my closing prayer.
Psalm 3 - David Fled from Absalom. | Part of Judgment from the LORD for taking Bathsheba, another man's wife.
Psalm 4 - Hear Me When I Call. | personal emphasized composite paraphrase with my closing prayer.
Psalm 5 - Hear My Prayer. | The 1st 3 verses are beautifully presented in a song by the Haven of Rest Quartet.
Psalm 7 - God Is My Shield. | Cush a Benjamite slandered David in a very threatening manner.
Psalm 8 - LORD, How Excellent Is Thy Name. | Abundant praise to the true and living God, along with some prophetic content.
Psalm 9 - Wholehearted Praise. | Very good content for a worship leader, and individuals!
Psalms 14 and 53 - The Fool Says God Is Not. | I combined the similar wording into one study.
Psalm 16 - The Path of Life. | Peter and Paul apply some content to Christ.
Psalm 17 - When I Awake. | An awakening after death to have forever comfort with the LORD!
Psalm 19 - The Heavens Declare! | God's Creation speaks volumes through visual display!
Psalm 20 - May the LORD Hear and Answer. | my own composite paraphrase, and dedicated to my precious wife.
Psalm 22 - Has God Forsaken Me? | David had some inner personal thoughts, but the Holy Spirit gave him prophecy about Christ.

Psalm 23 -The Lord Is My Shepherd. | Shepherd of our soul, in my composite amplified paraphrase.
Psalm 24 - LORD Of Glory. | Very special expressions about the Creator God who is the King of Glory!
Psalm 25 - I Lift Up My Soul. | In my composite paraphrase, and dedicated to Walter Adams.
Psalm 32 - Blessed Believers. | What a blessing to have sins forgiven!
Psalm 33 - Rejoice in the LORD. | LORD, let your mercy be upon me, according as I have waited for you.
Psalm 34 - Taste And See. | the LORD is good; blessed are those who trust in Him!
Psalm 36 - Fountain of Life. | The Lord supplies spiritual water that gives believers eternal life.
Psalm 37 - The Eternal Inheritance. | That is the new heavens and earth for those made righteous in Christ.
Psalm 39 - My Hope is in the LORD. | my personal composite paraphrase.
Psalms 40 and 70 - I Waited Patiently. | Ps 40:13-17 similar content to Ps 70:1-5.
Psalm 41 - Our Enemies Requited. | The LORD is with us even when we are betrayed.


Psalm 42 - My Soul Thirsts for God. | verses compared from 2 versions.
Psalm 46 - God Our Refuge. | Our eternal refuge and strength.
Psalms 47 and 48 - King Of Heaven And Earth. | Sons of Korah gave us these Psalms.
Psalm 49 - God Redeems Souls. | Eternal life from God far exceeds worldly riches.
Psalm 50 - The Mighty God. | A Psalm of Asaph.
Psalm 51 - David Confronted By Nathan. | Some background passages are in the study.
Psalm 52 - Doeg The Edomite. | He told Saul David has been with Abimelech.
Psalm 54 - God Is My Helper. | Ziphites reported David's location to Saul.
Psalm 56 - David And The Philistines. | David fled to Gath from King Saul.
Psalm 59 - David Fled From Saul. | David left his house to escape from Kin Saul.
Psalm 63 - David In The Wilderness. | David would not kill Saul when he had opportunity.
Psalm 67 - Evangelistic Praise. | There are evangelistic themes in the Old Testament.


Psalm 73 - Comfort Reserved for the Saved. | I compared 8 Bible versions, used the Hebrew lexicon for my own paraphrase.
Psalm 78 - A Psalm for Instruction. | contrast: wonderful blessings from following God in truth; rebellion will bring about righteous wrath.
Psalm 79 - Jerusalem In Mockery. | expressions of anguish, and appeal for relief and restoration.
Psalm 84 - My King and my God. | desiring to be in the presence of the LORD who is the living God.
Psalm 86 - Jehovah Gives Comfort. | David wanted to receive gracious mercy only from Jehovah, with the abundance of His lovingkindness.


Psalm 90 - Moses' Prayer. | A personal paraphrase was my approach for in depth meditation.
Psalm 92 - Sabbath Praise. | The only one of all Psalms stated as for the Sabbath.
Psalm 95 - Shout for Joy! Enter Into His Rest! | I joyfully prepared my own amplified paraphrase!
Psalm 96 - Sing A New Song. | King David gave this Psalm when the Ark of the Covenant was brought into Jerusalem.
Psalms 97 and 98 - The LORD Reigns. | two brief Psalms rich with praise and adoration to the LORD of lords, and King of kings.
Psalm 100 - The LORD Is God, We Are His Sheep. | This brief psalm of only five verses contains a depth that is belied by the brevity.
Psalm 101 - Mercy and Judgment. | commitment for personal purity, and maintaining integrity in Israel.
Psalm 103 - The Everlasting King. | trust in Him and live each day as a part of His Kingdom.
Psalm 104 - Creator God. | those who truly believe the Word of God have a relationship with the Creator God.
Psalm 105 - Give Thanks to the LORD. | The first fifteen verses of this psalm are recorded in 1 Chronicles 16:8-22.
Psalm 106 - Save Us O LORD. | some of the same situations as those in Psalm 105 as the LORD dealt with Israel.


Psalm 107 - Jehovah's Lovingkindness. | personal paraphrase, concluded by reflections in prayer.
Psalms 108, 57 and 60 - In The Shadow Of Thy Wings. | portions of Psalms 57 and 60 are blended with Psalms 108.
Psalm 110 - The LORD Said to my Lord. | Holy Spirit guided prophecy is fulfilled in New Testament Scripture.
Psalm 111 - Beginning Of Wisdom. | many reasons for the believer to praise the LORD.
Psalm 118 - His Mercy Endures Forever. | some verses are about the coming Christ.
Psalm 126 - The LORD Sets Captives Free! | all people are captive to sin, but sincere faith brings freedom with the LORD.
Psalm 133 - Unity of Believers. | only a few verses to express the importance of unity in the church.
Psalms 117 and 134 - Lift Up Your Heart and Soul to Praise the LORD! | two Psalms, total of only 5 verses!
Psalm 136 - Praise Without Petition. | There are no requests or petitions, only praise.
Psalm 137 - What Is My Highest Joy? | How can we sing Yahweh's song as captives in a foreign land?
Psalm 138 - Praise With Your Whole Heart. | your mercy, O LORD, endures for ever: forsake not the works of your own hands.
Psalm 139 - Search Me O God. | God's intimate knowledge and love for those who love Him.
Psalm 142 - David in the Cave. | David found some respite as he escaped from King Saul.
Psalm 143 - A Faithful and Righteous Answer. | answers to prayer are based upon the Lord's faithfulness and righteousness.
Psalm 146 - Praise Jehovah! | my amplified paraphrase, study of 10 Bible versions, and Hebrew lexicon.
Psalm 148 - The LORD Alone Is Exalted. | composite paraphrase as in Ps146, and some New Testament reference.
Psalm 149 - Sing to the Lord a New Song. | There will be an everlasting song of joy when the Lord makes all things new!
Psalm 150 - Praise the LORD! | closes the book of Psalms, reminding us to consistently praise our God and Savior!


I began my commentary and prayer response project in mid 1999 with the plan to examine the Psalms by looking first at the opening Psalm of each of the five book divisions within the Psalms of the Old Testament. There are some Psalms in other Bible books (i.e. Deuteronomy, 1 Chronicles, etcetera), and those will be placed in the category of topical studies. There are some parallel portions between different Psalms, and some of those are included in the studies in this category. . The Psalms provide revelation of the Lord God, praise and petition to Jehovah by saints, the history of the nation Israel in brief outline, prophecy fulfilled and some prophecy yet to come, and more. In all there is an abundance of worship, praise, and exaltation for our wonderful LORD! Some Bibles show the division of the 150 Psalms into five books, and the MPN Psalms studies are grouped under headings above, in that manner. Each Bible study herein is intended to keep Scripture as the centerpiece, and to conclude with a personal response in prayer.

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