Real People of the Bible:

INTRODUCTION: The historical and biographical passages from scripture provides a wealth of information about the character of real people who lived everyday lives with struggles and failures, and many of them displayed faith which can inspire those who fear God in any present century. The Bible does not contain stories of perfect people, but rather it relate virtually all the characteristics which will be present in man until Christ returns. There may be some overlap in the content of Bible studies that could allow some of them to be placed in the Topical group, or in this Characters group; but the major emphasis for this group will be to examine the main character (or characters) of each study. Bible studies about characters found in parables will normally be in the Topical group. Each Bible study herein is intended to keep scripture as the centerpiece, and to conclude with a personal response in prayer.

THE BIBLE STUDIES ARE IN ORDER BY ISSUE DATE FROM OLDEST TO NEWEST Abram's Prayer For Ishmael. | Job and Elihu. | Rahab's Faith. | Hannah's Praise Prayer. | God's Message, David's Prayer. | David's Last Words. | Habakkuk 3 - In Wrath LORD, Remember Mercy. | Daniel 2 - God Interprets Nebuchadnezzar's Dream. | The Rich Young ruler. | The Blind Man Of John 9. | Nicodemus, The Conqueror Through Faith. | Mary Praises Her Savior. | Nehemiah's Silent Prayer. | Part I: Peter - The Stone. | Part II: Peter - A Pillar In The Church. | Aquila And Priscilla. | Silas, A Chief Man Among Brethren. | Barnabas, Son Of Consolation. | The Jerusalem Seven. | Stephen Apprehended. | Stephen's Defense. | Stephen Martyred. | The Repentant Thief On The Cross. | Zacharias And Elizabeth. | John Prepared The Way. | John The Baptizer. | Servants Of Naaman And Servants Of The LORD. | Zacchaeus - Tax Collector. | Abraham And Melchizedek. | John, Part 1 - Fisherman And Apostle. | John, Part 2 - Lazarus Resurrected. | John, Part 3 - Jesus Is Risen! | John, Part 4 - The Foundation Of The Church. | Joseph Of Arimathaea. | Paul And Titus. | Abel's Sacrifice. | Paul's Conversion. | Paul At Jerusalem. | Paul Before Felix. | Paul Before Festus. | Timothy And Paul. | Paul Went To Rome. | Paul At Rome. | Andrew And Philip. | Philip Among Seven. | Philip The Evangelist. | Micaiah The Prophet. | David's Elegy. | James, Son Of Zebedee. | Abigail The Carmelitess. | Joseph, Husband Of Mary. | Peter At Pentecost. | Moses' Family. | Thomas, Called Didymus. | Pontius Pilate. | Jeroboam And Ahijah. | Judas Iscariot. | John Mark. | Matthew the Apostle. | Judah - The boy. | Judah's Brothers. | Judah and Tamar. | Judah in Egypt. | Nebuchadnezzar's Testimony. | David's Sons at Hebron. | David's Son Absalom. | Joab and Adonijah. | King Josiah. | Twelve Apostles. | Page revised 30 March 2019