The 73 MPN Character Studies are divided into Some General Subgroups


Abel's Sacrifice. | Abel's sacrifice was pleasing to the LORD, but Cain was very jealous.
Abram's Prayer For Ishmael. | Abram asked the LORD to bless Ishmael while Sarai was still childless.
Abraham And Melchizedek. | Abraham had direct contact with Melchizedek when he offered tithe to this priest of God.
Moses' Family. | The infant Moses became the adopted son of Pharaoh's daughter, but fled Egypt when he was forty.
Job and Elihu. | The young man Elihu was the last advisor to Job before God called Job out to a direct confrontation.
Judah - The boy. | Judah was Jacob's fourth son from Leah before she had a brief period without having any more children.
Judah's Brothers. | Judah experienced his teenage years and early twenties with his other brothers in Canaan.
Judah and Tamar. | Judah had three sons born to him, but his Canaanite wife Tamar died sometime after that.
Judah in Egypt. | During a sustained period of widespread famine, Jacob sent his sons into Egypt to purchase grain.
Rahab's Faith. | Rahab assisted the two spies of Israel at Jericho, and became a wife and mother in the line of Christ.
Hannah's Praise Prayer. | Hannah had been childless, and when her prayer was answered she dedicated her first child, Samuel, to the LORD.
Jonathan, Part 1. | This study is intended to highlight some of the key character traits of King Saul's son Jonathan.
Jonathan, Part 2. | This study especially highlights the very special relationship between Jonathan and David.
King David had seven older brothers, but there is very little detail in 1Samuel about there lives.
King Ishbosheth was the only surviving son after Saul died in battle, and Abner made him king over northern Israel.
David's Elegy. | This elegy, or poetic lament, shows the high regard David had for Saul as the Lord's anointed King of Israel.
Abigail The Carmelitess. | An outstanding woman who became David's wife while he was a fugitive from King Saul.
David's Sons at Hebron. | While at Hebron, six sons were born to David, but each one had a different mother.
God's Message, David's Prayer. | David was disappointed that he could not build the temple, but overwhelmed by the special heir promised by the LORD.
David's Son Absalom. | David's firstborn son Absalom was killed by Joab when he prepared to take the throne from his father.
Joab and Adonijah. | Near the end of David's reign, Joab supported David's son Adonijah in revolt to take David's throne.
David's Last Words. | Some preliminary passages, followed by a composite paraphrase of 2Samuel 23:1-7.
Jeroboam And Ahijah. | Ahijah the prophet gave advice to Jeroboam about the LORD, which was not at all followed. Micaiah The Prophet. | Micaiah was in Samaria during the reign of King Ahab in Israel, and of King Jehoshaphat in Judah.
King Josiah. | King Josiah was the last ruler in Judah fully dedicated to the LORD, which also fulfilled an earlier prophecy.


Nebuchadnezzar's Dream. | God gave Daniel the interpretation to Nebuchadnezzar's dream because the king's advisors were unable to do it.
Nebuchadnezzar's Testimony. | The LORD brought down the pride of Nebuchadnezzar resulting in a stunning conversion.
Habakkuk 3 - In Wrath LORD, Remember Mercy. | Habakkuk responded by concluding his book with a prayerful psalm in chapter 3.
Nehemiah's Silent Prayer. | Nehimiah silently prayed before he told King Artaxerxes why his face was sad.
Servants Of Naaman And Servants Of The LORD. | The Jewish slaves cared about their master Naaman of Aram who had leprosy.


Zacharias And Elizabeth. | Zacharias And Elizabeth, both descendents of Levi, became natural parents of John the baptizer in their latter years.
Mary Praises Her Savior. | This is a beautiful praise to the LORD from Mary who would give birth to Christ Jesus.
Joseph, Husband Of Mary. | Joseph was spoken to by the LORD in dreams, and he was obedient to each message.
John Prepared The Way. | John the baptist was the man of prophecy who was to prepare the way for the Messiah.
John The Baptizer. | Jesus had a specific purpose in coming to John the Baptist and that was to "fulfill all righteousness."
The Rich Young ruler. | An examination of the rich young ruler with Jesus, as recorded in the gospel accounts.
The Blind Man Of John 9. | After Jesus healed this blind man, he was confronted by the religious leaders.
Nicodemus, The Conqueror Through Faith. | This man came to Jesus by night, and was puzzled when he was told he must be born again.
Zacchaeus - Tax Collector. | This unpopular man's desire to see Jesus resulted in receiving the blessing of becoming a believer.
Pontius Pilate. | This Roman ruler tried to release Jesus, but he could not disregard the demands of the Jewish leders.
The Repentant Thief On The Cross. | One who first cursed Jesus while dying beside him, turned to receive eternal life.
Joseph Of Arimathaea. | This Jewish leader boldly went to Pilate and requested to bury the body of Jesus from the cross.
Peter At Pentecost. | Peter had denied Jesus three times, but was a strong leader after the risen Christ forgave him.


Matthew the Apostle. | Matthew had been a tax collector for the Roman government, but he immediately followed Jesus when called.
John Mark. | Mark wrote the gospel that bears his name, but there is nothing about him in any of the four Gospel accounts.
Twelve Apostles. | Jesus had many disciples during his public ministry, but he only appointed twelve men together as Apostles.
John, Part 1 - Fisherman And Apostle. | John and his brother James were commercial fishermen for their father.
John, Part 2 - Lazarus Resurrected. | News of Lazarus's resurrection made the Jewish rulers more determined to kill Jesus.
John, Part 3 - Jesus Is Risen! | After the Lord's resurrection he had conversation with Apostles in the upper room.
John, Part 4 - The Foundation Of The Church. | John wrote the fourth Gospel, three letters for the church, and the book of Revelation.
James, Son Of Zebedee. | James, the older brother of John; both worked as fishermen until they were called to follow Jesus.
Part I: Peter - The Stone. | Scripture contains information about Peter, words spoken to him, and some of his own words.
Part II: Peter - A Pillar In The Church. | selected passages show how Peter responded to being sent by the Lord.
Andrew And Philip. | Andrew and Philip are in the list of the twelve apostles in all four Gospels.
Thomas, Called Didymus. | He has become known by many as the doubting Thomas, but did he really have more doubts than others?
Judas Iscariot. | Judas, one of the chosen apostles became a traitor in fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies.


The Jerusalem Seven. | The Greek-speaking Jews complained that their widows were habitually overlooked in the daily ministration.
Stephen Apprehended. | Stephen, full of faith and power, performed great wonders and miracles among the people.
Stephen's Defense. | Stephen stood before the Jewish council, and he was asked to respond to the charges brought against him.
Stephen Martyred. | Stephen took a firm stand on his faith that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, knowing that he would soon die.
Philip Among Seven. | Philip was one of the seven chosen by the Apostles to serve widows in the church at Jerusalem.
Philip The Evangelist. | After Stephen was martyred the church was dispersed, and Philip became an evangelist.


Paul's Conversion. | The Pharisee Paul persecuted the church until he met the risen Lord on the road to Damascus.
Barnabas, Son Of Consolation. | the Levite Barnabas was a strong believer and very helpful to Paul.
Timothy And Paul. | Paul had a relationship with Timothy like that of a father with a son.
Paul And Titus. | Titus was a Gentile who pastored a church, and was a beloved friend of the Apostle Paul.
Silas, A Chief Man Among Brethren. | Paul mentioned Silas in three letters where Silas had been an important worker.
Aquila And Priscilla. | This Christian couple was in the tentmakeing profession, and had several important contacts with Paul.
Paul At Jerusalem. | Near the end of Paul's open ministry, he was rescued by Romans from Jews who tried to kill him.
Paul Before Felix. | Paul, a Roman citizen, was taken to Felix, the Roman governor at Caesarea to avoid the Jewish mob.
Paul Before Festus. | Paul was taken before Festus after two years, and appealed to Caesar to again escape plots by the Jews.
Paul Went To Rome. | Paul began his journey to Rome in custody, pending his hearing as a Roman citizen before Caesar.
Paul At Rome. | Paul has accommodations as a Roman citizen prisoner, and ministered there for two years.


The historical and biographical passages from Scripture provides a wealth of information about the character of real people who lived everyday lives with struggles and failures, and many of them displayed faith which can inspire those who fear God in any following century. The Bible does not contain stories of perfect people, but rather it relate virtually all the characteristics which will be present in man until Christ returns. There may be some overlap in the content of MPN Bible studies that could allow some of them to be placed in the Topical group, or in this Characters group; but the major emphasis for this group will be to examine the main character (or characters) of each study. Bible studies about characters found in parables will normally be in the Topical group. Each Bible study herein is intended to keep scripture as the centerpiece, and to conclude with a personal response in prayer.

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