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The awards displayed on this page are examples of the grace the Lord provided to me as a legally blind manager working in a main stream employment setting. I believe the Lord surrounded me with Individuals who supported my administration, he brought various professional opportunities to my attention over the years to add distinction to our facility, and he gave me a stable family environment for a job that did not end when I left the office each day. There were many times when I needed a material or chemical product, a piece of equipment, or a modification in process technique; and The Lord provided the beginning of a solution through a phone call, literature through the mail, or in some other way unexpected. This page is intended as thanks to the Lord for those, and for many more blessings; and to be an encouragement to other visually impaired people who may enter or may currently be working in main stream employment.

Hatfield Award In recognition of outstanding performance in works operation, management and advancement of knowledge in the field of water pollution control, presented in 1981

USEPA Region V Award of Excellence for superintendent and staff of the Springfield Wastewater Treatment Plant, for Outstanding Operation and Maintenance of the Water Pollution Control Facility

Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission has elected 
Michael D. Justice To the Registry of Distinguished Operators in recognition of a demonstrated desire for and achievement toward clean streams and pure water

Ohio Water Pollution Control Conference

Being blind improved my life

The most important factor of blindness in my life is that it led me to salvation in Christ Jesus as described in my personal story.

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